A local circular economy experiment

Imagine a business that functions more like an ecosystem

Imagine a business model that delivers products based only on the optimal usage of locally available resources that can endlessly be re-grown, re-cycled or re-used...

Imagine having lots of small production units driven by and improving the local context, but under a global knowledge network…

Glocal is an experimental project to explore producing cleaning products using local materials and local manufacturing methods.

Local production, with local renewable resources, for local consumption, combined with the power of global R&D and open innovation can strengthen local economies, create local jobs, protect local ecosystems, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The end goal is to find a commercially viable way of doing this. We want to develop the ultimate business model for sustainabillity: facilitating global knowledge exchange across the emerging regional bio-economies.

We know that changes in technology and resource prices are challenging the globalised production of products and services.

The question is at what point will it make sense to manufacture more things locally and what should those things be? It is very hard to predict so instead Glocal will pilot this approach so that we can continually learn rather than try and predict.

We are running Glocal in Mallorca

Why Mallorca?

Because it is very easy to clearly define what we mean by local (it is an island), it has abundant natural resources (both renewable energy potential and biological waste streams from agriculture e.g. citrus and olives) and it uses a lot of cleaning materials (a massive tourism industry that brings 16 million visitors a year to the island).

Currently Mallorca imports much of what is needed to support its tourism industry and the environmental and social consequences are becoming more and more obvious. There is a clear need for local solutions that don't compromise the natural environment - one of the main reasons people visit the island.

So this is the story of trying to make cleaning materials in Mallorca for Mallorca only using materials from Mallorca. Simple...

Luckily we have a great team of people working on the project

Daniel Wahl
Anna Warrington
Teresa Gea
Hugh Knowles
Tom Domen
Rodrigo Bautista
Todd Sajwaj

I settled on Mallorca in 2010 with a kong-term commitment to helping with the development of a sustainable island economy. The Glocal project demonstrates in a practical and innovative way how Mallorca can serve as an ideal case study for the regional transition towards the bioeconomy and how the island is becoming a testfield for sustainable innovation. Daniel Wahl, PhD FRSA

When faced with a uncertain future and a range of complex challenges the most resilient businesses will be those that are willing to innovate and pilot radically different approaches... This way we can learn what a sustainable future might look like.Forum

Glocal explores how to create new value from neglected assets and how to connect the local ecology with global innovation & technology. This project could be a tangible example of a circular economy and, if we achieve our ambition, could even have a restorative impact.Rodrigo Bautista

Glocal is helping us envision a model in which Ecover goes beyond producing and distributing globally to become a knowledge centre and a catalyst for local production and local businesses.Ecover

We are always looking for enthusiastic partners to turn this project into a valuable showcase for a GLOCAL economy

We want to make this project as open and collaborative as possible. So get in touch. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to get involved.

Glocal is an Ecover and Forum for the Future initiative

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